Thursday, 10 March 2011

Voçes qu"amo demais!

I knew you before all this began
Knew you before I was ever born
You fill my heart with joy undeserved
And put laughter on my lips
Make me wonder at your life
And all it's many turns

When the rivers of Babylon ran red with blood
Gallipoli in frozen battles stood still
The Death Camps of Europe were our birthright
Hunger marched untamed in these Streets of Woe
As children bereft of parents in rags we strayed
From pillar to post-to stay alive.

Arms on shoulders, hand in hand
Sexually precoucious on the rubblestolen kisses we give.
Longing for life, longing for joy
Beleiving the lies that the Radio said were true 
As The Organs of Repression dressed in blue
Locked up dissenters, for our own good hahaha!

 Your face was never a stranger,
your body a garden of delights ( I found )
Sweet kisses o' french
Taste of your tongue
And lieing together in hedgerows 
Excstasy was never far gone

 Eyes of darkness, eyes aflame, eyes tuning
New chords for the game
Eyes that promise heaven
Eyes that've been t hell
Look at me and show
A way to play the game called life

Fuck the rules
Teachers to the block
Fuck your silly armies and all it' stupid deadly toys
Fuck you politicians and  your promises unfulfilled
`Fuck the TV and conniving Companies
Whol'l steal ya blind at night!
Fuck frontiers and Customs Posts all across the world
Fuck injustice everywhere
Open up the jails, let the prisoners run free
From China & the Usa where the gaols are full as can be

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