Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Story of Papa Swallow & The Trees with no leaves by Jimmy Coquelle

                                       One day the clouds started to blow faster and faster across the sky, the wind began to have a cold tang to it and all the animals and birds began to prepare for the cold cold winter to come, each one knew what to do, and the swallows got ready to fly South as they do every year to this day .The baby swallows had been on the wing nearly 6 months, Mama Swallow was quite recovered from the nesting & feeding ,her  tail feathers were beautiful again, but Papa Swallow had damaged a wing protecting the little ones from an eagle that was just too greedy to  be true and he was very very sad to tell his family that he couldn't come with them on that huge  exhausting journey South, he'd just have to spend the winter up here with the foxes and wolves and bears somehow ! So  very  sadly all his family  said Goodbye to him, not beleiving they'd ever  see Papa again 'coz  it got very very cold up here on the plains, sometimes when they  returned there were still snowdrifts at the  bottom of the creeks.  He said Goodbye to his  son  last, looking at him  in the eye,and  he promised to be awaiting them next year when they returned. Papa was very sad to see them go.
                      So  Papa Sparrow went  to the Oak  tree and asked if  he could winter in it's branches, but everybody knows that oak trees have  small  hard hearts, despite being so beautiful, and  the Oak  said" No,you can't  stay here,"  so the Swallow went to the Maple tree,and although the Maple was kinder than the Oak it also refused to harbour the Swallow all winter. So Papa Swallow flew to all the trees one by one, the Ash, the Willow,the Beech ,the Aspen and they all refused to help! Can you  beleive this ? Well  it's true .
             Finally Papa went to the Pine tree and asked the same question,the wind was already much colder,the clouds were carrying snow in blankets in the sky, so the Pine answered "Why Yes Papa Sparrow, I' don't have much protection , I only have needles that let in the wind and the cold, but  your welcome to stay here with me" ,so Papa Swallow spent all winter sharing everything with The Pine tree.
               When the first wildflowers put out their heads in the Spring Papa Swallow was so happy 'coz  he knew soon his family would return. His son was so full of  joy at finding his Papa alive when the family returned that he flew 50 cartwheels in the sky , quite a wonderful sight to see  ,to celebrate but when The Great Spirit heard that the trees had refused  to shelter a Papa Swallow  he was so furious  that he turned to the Oak ,the Ash, the Willow ,the Aspen ,the Birch and he caused all these trees to loose their leaves each fall, so angry was he!
                     And to this  day the  trees who didn't help the Swallow stand naked all winter, but the Pine Tree keeps it's needles all year because it was so kind.
             What do you think little ones.

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