Friday, 7 June 2013


What is right and what is wrong
Tell a lie or sing a song?
Weep dry tears because pride is hurt
Be a mongrel, roll in the dirt.
What hurts you hurts me too
If I didn’t know the symptoms I’d have lived in vain
Oh so much cussing & Oh so much pain.

I never dream sweet dreams at night
Endless nightmares where you’re out of sight
Bottle it all up-keep smiling despite?
No, life too short not to put up a fight.
Be true to yourself they told me at school
Stupid was I to bend the golden rule.

So I sit here alone , be me right or do me wrong
I’d rather be laughing or howling at the moon.
Options are smaller when time’s on the wing
Forgive me my ill humour, you really deserve a break
How innapropriate is my temper when it surfaces for air
That don’t mean you get in my hair.
Don’t mean anything
Except that I care.
Anger turned inwards like a dull chisel to the soul
Give me a horse, and a Colt 45
I’m still your best chance
Of getting outta here alive !