Monday, 28 November 2011

Pot Luck Poems.

Pot Luck Poems.

A forever new horizon

(a sphinx i can never be)

draw me like gold

To a sunset I've never seen

Sit outside the mosque
hear the murmur of the prayers

Hear the camels farting

the munching in my ears

i'd ride with Genghis Khan

If a horse was up for sale

Ride the steppes, 
hunt with the hawks

And sleep with a Circassain princess

a new one every dawn.

Cross a a jackel with a snake,

Cross your heart & swear it'll never break.

Take my hand in yours

my Herat heart so cold

Give it to the Devil
Keep it warm -upon his stove.

I'd love to love you
If only one more time

Feel the turbulence of the words that fall-

Feel the excitement of both our bodies so enthralled

I lose my breath every time i see your face

That's what happens

When you cross a jackal with a snake.

I tattoed your soul with colours so gay
Spiked ink under your skin

Once so grey

Held the texture for hours & hours

Felt the intimacy as if we were both in the shower

Transformed your outside into something brand new

Now you've got it -what ya going to do
A shaman, a thug, a criminal clown or a thief
A bit of your soul I caught in the drift
I keep it on the altar where the Buddha sits still

Be welcome my love-it's another of my skills!

The Buddha chews gum

spits on the street

Mohammed thinks women are kinda cute

Ramana Maharshi has fleas in his beard

Bob Dylan is putting out another Christmas Album this year

Politicains lie & cheat

The rest of us wonder what the fuck were going to eat

Al Queida have an order-new sandals all round

And Victorias Secret have gone underground

To publish a book is more than a threat

Goodnight everyone-sorting out my debt!
Lost my mind on your railway line

Lost my money paying for your time

Lost bout all, why why why

Just born under a bad sign

Lost at poker, lost on a Joker

Gained a disease for a diamond

Got washed out in my creek

Just picking scabs

Just born under a bad sign

Been cleaned in Louisiana

Cleaned out by a crocodile
Paid the Mojo Man a fortune

Just to spend a life with you

Mmm born under a bad sign.

 Coffee feelings-cold room blues

Woke up thinking about you

All the good things we used to do

Left the lights on just to be sure that I was here

Left water running-
Just don't seem to care

Mmmm Good Morning Blues

Whatcha going to do

Throw me out, throw out even my shoes?

If you'd come back baby I promise to be a better man

Yes Baby I can still be a better man

Leave all my wickedness behind me
Go to heaven on my hands!
Sorceress inside the lungs
Raging demons in the brain

Uneasiness is my business in trade

When all looks easy

When she smells real fine

When there's no wolves howling

And you're living at the bottom of the mine.

Look over your shoulder

Where the darkness has an even glow

I'll be sitting wondering and saying

How do you Do?