Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The silence in my heart
The stillness of my soul
Tells me a storm is coming
Too still at the centre
Smell of the wind yet no wind brushes by.
The birds are still , nest has fallen down
A red snake has slid along the ground
Jackals cry from somewhere near
Crows gather round.
The Water Gourd is dry, a cinnamon taste
Red red sky far away.
Lightning startles my eyes-
Mountains shake, the tumbleweed blows
No destination this side of the road.
Be ready, nothing is written yet,
Djinns and angels bargain for my soul
Which can win the shadow of a man?
The emptiness so huge
(hush, a piano is playing a Love Supreme)
The high notes are flat, it’s way outta tune-
Like so many among us this side of the moon.
Pass me a spoonful of that hope only a woman can have
The twinkle of an eye
Before the storm comes by.
My knees are bent, my back is brown
My Herat Prayer rug lies empty on the sand.
Fill me with nonsense,
tell me lies as is your want
A moment of pure emptiness is hard to find.

 In my arms.

Swimming into your sex
Like a fish I breathe your waters
Tasting the sea smells that pour forth
Touching your back I become a tiger
Lay claim to what has become mine
As I have become you.
You neck going backwards, your lips wide apart, your legs so open
Joy inside my heart.
Lips that lick, lips that bite, lips for loving
I’m yours tonight.
Black eyes, they open and close
Hair tossing everywhere
Your love you tell me as I glide within and without,
Let me lie inside you this night as we start
Feel me throbbing in your secret places
Moving like a snake,
Breathing growing shorter, mouth screaming
Empty sky above-we’ve become two falcons
Soaring on currants of hot air,
No shadows on the desert
No sounds so high up in the air.
If you touch paradise, keep us there
For you are Woman, all women inside one
Isis and Anubis, Nefertiti & Aphrodite
Rolled into one soul-
Touch it & never be the same
What’s between us is no game my love
Leave me a space in this heaven
I’ll stay by your side.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

musings abour musings

If I wish to get drunk I knock on the Tavern Door
And if swirling is our pleasure let's dance across the floor
Should you wish to cut me a brand new pair of strides
To Isaac the Tailor ( who plays the fiddle on the side)
In a day I'll be fitted and ready for the street!
Should a hare be our dinner a a’falconing we must go
Gloved hands & hoods and eyes that see from high
Roast hare in Crete for a dinner by the sea.
Should you wish to travel the Silk Road I’m ready as can be
A Triumph Boneville-750cc
See the Mosques of Samarkand, Kiva and Tashkent
Search for Persian Miniatures in dusty streets alone
And worship life for all it has to give.
I”d love to see the Northern Lights with you by my side`
Then frolic in the snow with you-the others went inside,
Smell the lemons on you skin just where you breasts begin,
(at 39.8 you’ll heat the Arctic wastes.)
I’d send you a postcard from the Starbucks at the very end of the Universe
The coffee is disgusting but the Jaberwock makes me laugh,
Let’s plant a garden as in Granada the Moors did do so well
With the tinkling of water and stones in grey slate
An umbrella of Bourgainevillea in 20 shades of violet and orange`
Drink mint tea with orange blossoms, the aroma is divine
Visit Ana in Mathura as the children she saves from hunger squat the courtyard
And swoop down on Shirley in that bizarre land known as LA,
Play Bobby’s Fish Fry in acoustic bleu
Hunt for Gary Snyder as somewhere there his hides.

Visit Penho & Russel and hear the crashing of the sea, surf grandfathers they must surely be-
Climb the rocks of the rivers that rushing to Maringa they fall`
Lets visit Petra, in the desert so wonderfully designed, water cisterns in solid rock and Bedouins to show the way
The Ghil Kabir with it’s swimmers on the walls
Pause in Monasteries be they Augustins or Jesuits, Tantric or just in ruins as they wallow in the jungle creepers of old Ankor Wat
or in Fatepur Sikri with the cobras and sadhus
Lets do it together - you children are of of age
Im on the corner waiting, look outside
,Lets Go.