Thursday, 10 March 2011

to find a wise man.

How far must we walk to find a wise man
So many leagues to go.
The moon and the sun go in circles
My cycle like a left-over bone in the rubbish
Just waiting for a dog, a rat or a cat
Devour me to the marrow, suck out the bitter juice
Shit me out on some sidewalk, piss me up the side of a tree
Leave me to bleach in bright sunlight
Where the starlight meets the sea.
I'd love you better if I had the Book .....
"How to Give without Taking" or "How to love if you're me"
Can't find it on the shelves where old men wobble and cough,
Young men laugh at private jokes
And Fair maidens in black stockings,( high heels to break a heart)
glance at my tears still falling, giggle and saunter by
An old lady passes a rose that's withered
Taken from a soldiers grave in the wall
What am I worth in todays market
Not a nickel, a dollar or one yen
But stand up straight and march forward
Saint Peter's awaiting at the gate!
The page is empty, a destiny to fulfill
Called Kismet or Kharma or just a room at the top of the hill

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  1. There we go again !
    Just call me, cease digging !!!
    This is a gorgeous site'o'jimmy
    Eternal Love and Worship to my favorite babaji
    Docboum in a dhrupad mood