Sunday, 13 March 2011

For Whom the Bell Tolls in Hiroshima

Shaking Streets, walls that crumble
Waves invade the fields of rice
Death in an instant, life just gone
Rubble and mud where ten minutes ago
Some kind a life Life went on!
Cherry trees budding, mating birds were on the wing
Bell tolling every second in Hiroshima
For those now so long gone!
I try Compassion, stretch it far far wide
Cover the bodies and children, the fish, the fields
all that has in an instant has transformed itself beyond.
Hold out a little longer dear Planet of brown Earth, shake stretch and yawn
Bless all that live here,
Bless the children who need some time to love
Bless our fathers who tried to clean up the shit
Bless all the parents who are still learning how to live
Bless the living, bless the dead
Bless life itself.

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