Monday, 23 January 2012

for BS

Like a kettle boiling into steam
Like the ocean inside a dream
A dragon-fly in summer on a country pond
You’re made inside some kitchen
Where noon-day never comes.
Aphrodite pales whenever you smile
The Oracle at Delphi is confounded
The Senators grumble in vain`
A prayer from you brings summer-rain.
The olive trees bend gently,
Fishes jump into the net
Stuffed kalamaris & pepper so hot
What I need-served up on the spot.
Try I may, cut down three fields of summer hay
Build a wall, light a fire, learn to mend a net
Sow stitches in your spider’s web,
Saw you swimming in Pelohora’s Bay
A school of dolphins playing with your body
The language was obscene, the meanings so clear
Too late to jump the cliffs, too late for the sky
Life’s incredible surprise,
My joy at just being alive.
Jacomo, 23.1? 2012.

Friday, 13 January 2012

London to Calais.
The Ghosts of Joseph Banks & Isaac Newton ferry across the Thames
The Ships so long gone from her banks where traffic flows forever
Across the Kentish Hills & Hop houses -sheep graze under gray skies
Dover's White Cliffs recede as One Inch of red horizon sky dissapears
Screaming Gulls follow the Wake of the P & O Ferry as she heads out -
Ghosts of Glenn Miller play under waves & the scream of the Spitfires & Messerchmits fill the empty sky
45 years ago Crossed this sea, guitar & sleeping bag in hand with just a heart full of dreams-ain't much changed in the way of baggage!
There’s a whipping wind behind the moon
Lonely cries turn like rusty leaves
You face once so familiar has lost it’s sheen
I just can’t help but grieve your absence.

Dogs biting blood-white bone
Standing in an alley all alone-
You give me far more than I really know how to take
Grieving down the road-my absence is always at stake.

I’d change if only I knew how-(two dimes for a quarter is the goin’ rate)
But the key is lost, the door won’t budge an inch
A photo of you beside the kitchen sink.
Is your absence real or is it just me
That grieves & grieves this lifetime through?

The winter shows it's loosing it's grip with snow drops
The first Swallow is Summer around the corner
Were I a bud I'd bloom all year round, bright yellow
A bee buzzing , life takes it's course
A tramp just tramping, a dog barking
River running clear-carp jumping
Rose so red, why are we so near to death every day?

Gaze at the stars, gaze beyond the end of space
Immensities of time turn to form your face.
Just a glimpse of your twinkling eyes
The corners of your smile
I"d wait at the Tannhauser Gates if I knew you'd pass
Throw bubble gum-wrappers on the Moons Of Jupiter
whilst smoking interstellar specials non-stop.
Accumulate parking tickets on Galatic Highways
By the way-when are you coming by?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Garden & You.

I would plant a tree for you and me
In my garden so secluded,
Bizarrre it would seem , a bit of a dream
With smells so divine.
Lotus in December,Maroccan Mint Orange in Spring,
Tacky Opium in September and dead roses in November
A mango so red, bananas half dead & figs would grow on it's branches
Flowering so often in pale shaded Van Gochen
Under it's branches we will lie,
Celebrate life , getting ready to die-time slipping away
A grin like the moon, a small silver spoon
Collecting the nectar of love.

Solid Silver, moonshine & gold
I'm writing this letter to you
Just remember what the silence says
You're time is going to come to.

Whose goin' t' keep a hold on you,
Whose going to bring you into land
Whose goin' to be the one to say
When stone turns into sand?

Old Cyprus trees, bracken water black
Yellow Moon slipping across the skin on your back
Give me a little, give me some more
Lean with your loving, so tight with your purse
Keep going Mama, you'll need a nurse!

I slipped on choosing a woman like you
Tied evil knots around my soul-
Handcuffed my heart to a nightmare dream
But darling , your time is going to come to.