Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Illusion again

What is this reflection i take for real
it shimmers in the water
It whispers through my ears,
It lies and says "I'm real" but I know it's not.
Like the wind that cannot be seen
...I feel the leaves tremble before the storm
I search for you from dusk to dawn
searching for your love.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

by Jimmy Coquelle on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 4:50pm
 Dear Me, how are you  doing? You've been very busy lately rushing around the world, what you acheived ,how's that  old heart of yours doing,never mind the lasses in all their splendour ,tell me old friend,what's up?
Well  dear James,I've been finishing unfinished business in Rio de Janeiro Br. and killing my saudades and all things related,met many old friends and when I say old I mean in earth years ,not galaxied years as in  Kali Yuga Hindustan! Some have been friends 30/40 years now, thats a half a contemprary life Baba, a life ,nor a  half life,  at  all  !!!!
So I put my name on my daughter Ananda's Birth Certifiacte as Father, 34 years late, better late than never, kind of Amends for things left undone in the past, put my daughter Coral's Grave right after 15 years of abandon by those more on the corner of the Cemetry than self, her Mother etc,her half sister,who don't seem to care, realized that whatever her Mother did or didn't do,(beleives or  lies to herself about beleiving)-it's  really not my business at all and the anger I feel of having 15 productive years stolen by  her are my fault as much as hers,not contesting the divorce etc,should have  teken her to the  cleaners when I had the chance LOL. No good crying over spilt milk!
The  friends I have & love Caio, Carlinhos, Samantha, Carol, Russell & Renata, Penho & sua familia,Sagui,Roberto Mann & sua familia, Penho ,Lipe, Tonia, Mabity, Fedoca, Mabel, Zebinho e sua familia, Noelmi, Cristiano and Monica, Narciso , Mano, Marcello Serra & sua  familia, Gigi & Noilton, Tininha & Julica Tulipa,Dora Doentinha, Noemi & Jan ,Derek & Fatima, Serge de Kraker, Salvador de Nova Iguaçu, aquelis motorsitas  do taxi, Drs & others too many  to  name here plus a few I'm forgetting ,thank you for your wonderful friendships ,kindness,hospitality & things (joy laughter coffee suco  de maracuja  etc) For those I see no more,you're either dead or changed lives so much I can't see you anymore from where I am but I carry you in my heart nevertheless,especially Petit-teu sorriso me deixar cego quando eu vejo photos,Lui-sua musica sonhe no meu coraçao,Coral eu penso de voçe tudo dia my beloved daughter so so missed by me ,to all the monkeys in Jardin Botanico rushing along the high wires,all the  canaries in cages every wave that crashes on the beach ,bless you all for existing!!!