Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Clementine Blues-for mon ami Clement Allic

The Clementine Blues" accompanied by organ grinder; smell of greek-frites & a crowd of fanatical Shia Muslims celebrating Masharraam.

Woke up this morning, feeling so blue
My Shrink never told me what I had to do
Ohhh these lonesome blues.

The whisky bottle's empty, the gin stinks like hell
Some asshole is ringing my door belle
Ohhhhhh these lonesome blues

My girlfriend busts my ass everytime I leave the door
She wants me just for sex but I aint so shure no more
Ohhhhh these lonesome blues

Call me in the evening, call me when my day is done
Tell me that you love me and just want "clean clean" fun-(unsung-groan)
Ohhhhh these lonesome blues.

Waht you got, you aint got no more!

Somewhere i thought you were mine
In the misty forests of the back of my mind
I was stupid enough to think
You'd never change.
Your love I carried in my jean pocket
Buried with the tobacco & some string
(a few coins rolled over your face
But I know you never felt a thing)
So onwards goes your love
Into other arms but mine,
Was it vanity or blindness
Made me think that you were mine?
The rain is crying out my sorrow
For what was never to be
A story that I love
A story of you and me.