Friday, 23 March 2012

change in the weather.

Though accustomed to changes in the weather
And bruised at heart by the indifference of fate
Carrying an emotional umbrella at all times
(Wearing it upside down-catching better your smiles)
Avoiding cops n' robbers , dealers and wheelers, Backgammonic Arabs
Afghan warriors, Malien thieves, American politiciens, Spiritual Advisors
and myself if possible-
Death, sycthe cutting like summer hay-is on the prowl as never before
Get yourself a bond, be headed for the Kings Highway-
a feeble attempt at life Insurance
In the heavenly realms
Is my task today.
So praying at 300 rpm, a prayer-wheel turning in the lions den,
Remembering that love is my duty
Ardeur my task
Let laughter in the back door and fuck everything else
Far too serious for a Sunday Morning am I
Get you gone ol' man death!

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