Friday, 23 March 2012


I used to wake before the sun slipped into the sky
Counted the hours as the day drifted by
Watched sparrows chatter and chirp
Lay under the green leaves of the trees
As flat as a snake in earth's bosom
Like a mad march hare I thumped and bumped
Glad of the moments that never stopped
Being one.

These days I melt into you
Drunk in the tavern where lovers make assignments
Staring at empty glasses and dripping candle-light
Hidden from the sun.
Moon rises higher in the sky, stars glitter
Just like your eyes,

We meet where only fools dare to enter
Wearing the perfect disguise for the Owner
Who cares not whether we come or go
Never asks our names or from whence we come
Just demands that our shirts be open
So our souls have not any curtain to close.

Banging heads on the lintel above the door
we leave
Hardly daring to breathe
That air so mountain cold.
To what end is love given or taken away
Ask not my dear friend, ask not
Lest the answer bring you dismay.

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