Friday, 23 March 2012

Card sharp

Sitting just watching the river flow
Wondering about you and where we might go
Full moon climbing, Devil's on the rise
Marie Laveau out doing the Voodoo-Hoodoo
Somewhere in the Bayou tonight;
Try to educate a mind like mine
Like telling the tide to walk back a mile
Stuck on you like a fly on sticky paper
Circling like a moth round a lamp
Know Im going to burn out-of that I'm becoming sure
Take care lil' woman every time you leave the door
Coz I've been beaten and shot a couple times
Had posses chase me way down past the Border Line
But that was just money, I don't cheat at love
Take care of that darling, I'm no Ace of Hearts
Just a vagabond drifter-who used to cheat at cards.