Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A Winter of discomfort
A Winter full of gloom
Winter's face hiding the glory of the moon.
Siberian grey is the colour
And deep-freeze gray replaces the blues
The frost is in the garden, the insects hidden away
Deep roots are needed if you wish to see another day,
Yet soon the earth will turn as it's done since it was born
All kinds of colours will be visible at the dawn.
The foxes are slinking, the geese have carried away the lake
My aching heart will blossom again
And your presence will be gay,
Oh hurry up the days .
To all of those I love & carry in my heart,
May today be full of blessings as you wander along your path
Be it fame or money or fortune, may you find it in volumes
Like Books upon a shelf
May you bounce on a bed with a smile across your face
May death never fear the coming down these lanes
As this morning we are all born again
Yes, it's another day.

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