Monday, 23 January 2012

for BS

Like a kettle boiling into steam
Like the ocean inside a dream
A dragon-fly in summer on a country pond
You’re made inside some kitchen
Where noon-day never comes.
Aphrodite pales whenever you smile
The Oracle at Delphi is confounded
The Senators grumble in vain`
A prayer from you brings summer-rain.
The olive trees bend gently,
Fishes jump into the net
Stuffed kalamaris & pepper so hot
What I need-served up on the spot.
Try I may, cut down three fields of summer hay
Build a wall, light a fire, learn to mend a net
Sow stitches in your spider’s web,
Saw you swimming in Pelohora’s Bay
A school of dolphins playing with your body
The language was obscene, the meanings so clear
Too late to jump the cliffs, too late for the sky
Life’s incredible surprise,
My joy at just being alive.
Jacomo, 23.1? 2012.

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