Friday, 16 September 2011


Darling I've a dose of the blues you could weigh on the scales, it might even break them! Came out the walls, took me by the balls & swung me round my head all day, let me go let me go, i've nothing to show , except dreams by the score i could sell.
From the elephants bathing in a Cambodian basin to the paddle-steamer stuck on the Niger, an orange juice seller could easily do better peeling oranges by the banks of the Nile, Give me a stick, lend me a brick, let's build a house on the edge of the world. Eat mangoes all day, steamy sex in the hay & a cow with milk without end-if I say that I miss you don't think I'm hissing like a snake in the corner of a rock' it's just that I'm feeling that I need a little healing -and where that may come from God only knows, so rub yourself against my dreams and even if it seems dirty, funky & blue-remember the time when you were still mine and your body was my Garden Of Eden. The Owner kicked us out for stealing a trout from his river by the Transylvanian Border. That opium den where 20 smokes cost only ten is imprinted on the map of my soul, unravel the map, there's a a Venus Fly Trap to catch you and to take you prisoner, you know what I'll do, I'll make the same brew that kept you by my side all that time, love you.

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