Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tombuctou-Centre du Monde.

Tombouctoo, Centre of the World

Wanna go where the Desert ain’t so far
The Minarets still sticking
 Like Storks against the sky.
See the River Niger wandering through the land
Tuareg & Bedounins – their skins considered white
The Centre of The World has always been
Mud Walls & Mosques, Paddle steamers too
Who’d want to stay home when the wotld is still so huge
Mosque of Nando where barren women come
The offspring called Missiri Nando
             Blesings to the One.
The Cliffs of the Dogons every day destroyed
Clicking of the camera ,nicks & nacks for sale
            Oh Spirits of the Dead
Would you walk around a graveyard with vampire’s in your head?
Sand storms and Djinns, a kidnapping or two
Three women for wives, what yo going to do?
Baobob trees before the Romans conquered
Already gave their shade, stinking old camels
Munching all the thorns,a purple turban
Just before the dawn.
Dust In the air, dust In the sky
The Farmers looking for symbols in the sky
Stars like comets, comets like the stars
In Desert Darkness put to shame the Sun
Beting down with no mercy
Where the world beagn.

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