Tuesday, 24 April 2012

 In my arms.

Swimming into your sex
Like a fish I breathe your waters
Tasting the sea smells that pour forth
Touching your back I become a tiger
Lay claim to what has become mine
As I have become you.
You neck going backwards, your lips wide apart, your legs so open
Joy inside my heart.
Lips that lick, lips that bite, lips for loving
I’m yours tonight.
Black eyes, they open and close
Hair tossing everywhere
Your love you tell me as I glide within and without,
Let me lie inside you this night as we start
Feel me throbbing in your secret places
Moving like a snake,
Breathing growing shorter, mouth screaming
Empty sky above-we’ve become two falcons
Soaring on currants of hot air,
No shadows on the desert
No sounds so high up in the air.
If you touch paradise, keep us there
For you are Woman, all women inside one
Isis and Anubis, Nefertiti & Aphrodite
Rolled into one soul-
Touch it & never be the same
What’s between us is no game my love
Leave me a space in this heaven
I’ll stay by your side.

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