Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wheels go round

I could've been born a elephant but the space was too small

When as a tiger I came I just became big game

for some asshole with a rifle & small dick

When in Eskimo incarnations I refused invitations

From walruses & women so white

Reborn in Japan with a geisha like fan

My obo always got in the way.

When born in Brasil an Indian I became

Under the canopy of the forest so huge

Born this time, It really took time

To fall in love with you

Wake up woman !

Life i so short whatever you've got

It's true that time is on the wing

Could i have done more than walk out the door

With a tear escaping my eye,

like a miser your loving you gave

it dripped down the walls sticky and salty.

This time ill try to conquer the sky

Whatever it costs i'll do

Leave your body behind, you still twist my miind

intp knots of complexity so raw
Sisal & string, do you still wear the ring

I found in Chorki Bazaar

The Bosphurus, a Muetzim hollering
Call to prayer an electric cacophony

Dead sea gulls at night fly in Circles so tight

Round the dome of Anya Sofia.

La danse du ventre as they told me it ws called

Up some seedy street by the sea

I was caught unawares when you climbed up the stairs

With a rich Pasha from Tashkent!

You're charms you sell, a receptionist from hell

Why did I sign my name?

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